Worldforge(HelloWorld团队)  2011-10-28
EmberNamespace for all classes and functions which interact with Ogre to present the world to the user
Ember::EntityMappingNamespace for entity mapping, which is the main way entities are mapped to graphical representation. The mapping framework is a rule based engine which evaluates entities and their attributes to determine what action should be taken for presenting the entity to the user
Ember::LuaNamespace for bindings to the Lua scripting environment
Ember::OgreViewAll Ogre specific functionality is contained under this namespace. It currenly also houses all CEGUI related functionality too
Ember::OgreView::AuthoringNamespace for authoring classes and activities. Any class or mechanism which deals with how to alter the world should go in here
Ember::OgreView::CameraNamespace for all camera related classes and activities
Ember::OgreView::EnvironmentNamespace for environemnt related classes and activities. With "environment" we refer to things like the weather, the ocean, the foliage etc
Ember::OgreView::GuiNamespace for any GUI related classes or activity
Ember::OgreView::MappingNamespace for the EmberOgre specific integration with the Entity Mapping framework
Ember::OgreView::ModelNamespace for Models, which is the main aggregate object used for representing entities in the world
Ember::OgreView::TerrainNamespace for all terrain related classes and activities
Ember::TasksNamespace for tasks, which is a mechanism for better separate and field data for threading purposes
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