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This document is for Django's SVN release, which can be significantly different from previous releases. Get old docs here: Django 1.0

Django Deprecation Timeline

This document outlines when various pieces of Django will be removed, following their deprecation, as per the Django deprecation policy

  • 1.3
    • AdminSite.root(). This release will remove the old method for hooking up admin URLs. This has been deprecated since the 1.1 release.
  • 1.4
    • CsrfResponseMiddleware. This has been deprecated since the 1.2 release, in favour of the template tag method for inserting the CSRF token. CsrfMiddleware, which combines CsrfResponseMiddleware and CsrfViewMiddleware, is also deprecated.
    • The old imports for CSRF functionality (django.contrib.csrf.*), which moved to core in 1.2, will be removed.
    • SMTPConnection. The 1.2 release deprecated the SMTPConnection class in favor of a generic E-mail backend API.
    • The many to many SQL generation functions on the database backends will be removed. These have been deprecated since the 1.2 release.
  • 2.0
    • django.views.defaults.shortcut(). This function has been moved to django.contrib.contenttypes.views.shortcut() as part of the goal of removing all django.contrib references from the core Django codebase. The old shortcut will be removed in the 2.0 release.


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